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Program Overview

Our Educating Your Emotions (EYE) program helps leaders new and experienced to develop the toughness of soul required to face the challenges of today’s marketplace.

Leadership requires a toughness of soul, developed over time as the leader is tested, and tested and tested still more. Often, the leader’s emotions will be strained; he or she will face difficult and risky decisions, and be pushed and pulled in all directions. Yet these decisions, especially the weighty ones, must be made alone. The key to the leader’s development of this toughness is to educate his or her emotions.

Audience & Duration

This concepts and deliverables from these programs are intended for frontline employees, supervisors, managers, and senior executives. They are offered in 2 and 4 hour modules.

Key Objectives

  1. Emotions are difficult but important topics.
  2. Unresolved, ignored, unaddressed, or poorly managed emotions can lead to multiple types of problems.
  3. There are causes or occasions of the various emotions that can be recognized and managed.

Key Learning Concepts

  1. Develop a practical definition of the various emotions.
  2. Identify the various causes of the emotions, especially in the workplace.
  3. Articulate principles for understanding the emotions from an ethical perspective.
  4. Review useful techniques for dealing with various emotions – both yours and others’.

Course Materials

Pre-Training Survey Pre-Training Reading Participant Workbook Interactive Polling
Remote Participants Video Vignettes Custom Scenarios Post-Training Tools