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Leadership Coaching
Organizational Development
Ethics Education

Current and Past Clients

Leadership Coaching

Our coaching is intended for executives in all industries, at all levels of experience. We teach leaders a framework for excellence in knowledge, attitude, choice, action, and results. Leaders who form these habits become top performers—what we call “A” Players—and possess both the technical competence and the strength of character to lead their organizations to success.

The core of our coaching philosophy is the Priority Thinking® and Good Will Leader™ models, which provide a realistic and robust framework for leadership. Our coachees examine the nature of leadership, including its functions and the relationships at work, to develop an ability to lead that is rooted in the real, authentic and greater good.

Our Process

Our four-phase coaching process reveals an in-depth portrait of the coachee’s professional obligations, competencies, performance, and objectives.

We utilize a variety of assessments to understand the coachee’s potential, incorporating this insight into the leader’s custom development action plan (LDAP) for success.

Support Areas

  • Executive Coaching
  • Vision & Strategy
  • Emerging Leaders Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Executive Retreats
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Organizational Development

Priority Thinking® helps your organization develop a foundation of sound priorities to achieve greater performance. Leaders and teams learn to activate potential and increase organizational unity in the following areas:

Improving effectiveness and relationships between leaders and teams through precise, timely, and authentic communication channels.

Building “A” teams by finding, assessing, selecting, on-boarding, developing and retaining top employees.

Improving relationships among employees to focus on unlocking potential and accomplishing the organization’s strategic goals.

Defining and activating strategy through sound organizational design and value proposition clarity.

Broadening the view of performance and risk through prioritization, capacity modeling, problem solving methods, and advanced data modeling and analysis techniques.

Support Areas

  • Talent Assessment
  • Culture Assessment
  • Trust
  • Communications
  • Operational Excellence
  • Change
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Courses
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Ethics Education

Priority Thinking® ethics programs teach participants to recognize the natural alignment between ethical habits and a high-performing organizational culture. Our unique approach provides a practical view of human nature and framework for ethical decision making based on sound priorities.

Additionally, our proprietary EthicsPoll™ Core Survey and Dynamic Reporting tools evaluate various dimensions of your organization’s ethical climate, providing an overall score that reveals goodness gaps and areas for further investigation.

About EthicsPoll™

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EthicsPoll™ is a team of professionals, practitioners and scholars devoted to the study and practical application of ethics in business.

Utilizing a combination of web-based surveys, embedded polls and audience response technology, we assess and analyze what’s happening in your organization behind the scenes. Whatever your ethics needs, our tools can help you gather actionable intelligence to achieve your goals.

Support Areas

  • Keynotes & Confrences
  • Executive Workshops
  • MBA Programs
  • Ethics on the Front Line
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