Joe Heskett, Executive Coach

Joe Heskett is a man of faith, a dedicated family man, and father of three incredible children. In just a matter of days Joe went from one of the top wrestlers in the world to fighting for his life. Just 5 days after competing in the wrestling World Championships in Baku Azerbaijain, Joe unexpectedly went into sudden cardiac arrest and truly outlasted the toughest opponent he had ever faced, death.

The doctors relayed to Joe that he had been born with a rare and often fatal heart condition. They also reiterated how fortunate he was to be alive telling him that he had less than a 2% chance to live. Contrary to the statistics, Joe was blessed with a second chance at life, a chance to embrace each breath granted to him, and a chance to follow his passion to teach, coach, consult, and develop others. Highly competitive, introspective, and inspirational Joe founded h Leadership.

Raised by his grandmother, Joe never knew his father and at 10 years of age he witnessed his mothers life succumb to the ugly realities of drugs and alcohol. His grandmother, Evelyn, got Joe into sports at the age of 6, but she emphasized that if his academics were not right, then sport would not happen. Through the love, support, and guidance of his grandmother and other positive mentors, coaches, and influencers, Joe embraced being the best athlete, academic, and person possible. He is the first to note that his journey is not about perfection, perfection is not possible nor is a goal, but more about understanding ones self, goal identification, and the conviction to challenge ourselves daily to become better.

Joe is a rare combination of world class athletic talent, elite coach and teacher, scholar, and owns an unmatched passion for leadership and the  personal development of others. What separates him from many others is his understanding of team and his sense of gratitude for the opportunity to wake up each morning and positively impact and change lives to become the ideal version of ourselves.

Joe holds a B.A. in Communications from Iowa State University and a M.S. in Educational Leadership from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.