Mark McKearn, Executive Coach

Mark McKearn is a combat tested leader with proven team building skills. Mark has experience building and leading organizations in tough, demanding and challenging environments which makes him uniquely equipped to help leaders build strong and resilient organizations that can perform at exceptional levels even in the midst of difficult periods.

Mark is a retired U.S. Army Colonel with 30 years of active service and extensive leadership experience leading soldiers in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. He commanded an aviation brigade in Afghanistan that consisted of 3,000 personnel and 100 helicopters. He also led peacekeeping operations in Kosovo and spearheaded U.S. humanitarian relief operations in Austria and Pakistan following natural disasters.

As a professor of Joint Military Operations at the U.S. Naval War College (2002-2004), Mark facilitated lectures, curriculum development, seminars, and other exercises for military officers of all services, international officers and senior government officials who were pursuing graduate education. Later, Mark became Dean of Student Activities for the 4,700 member Army West Point Corps of Cadets. He was charged with blending the military, physical, social, spiritual and moral-ethical development of the Corps of Cadets so they graduated as leaders of character who were committed to the ideals of duty, honor, country and a lifetime of service to the nation.