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Performance Talent Assessment Program

The PTAP assesses whether individual employee qualities and competencies are adequate to support the job design that enables the business capabilities needed to gain a competitive advantage and win in the marketplace.


1.Leadership Principle: leaders are expected to know their people’s skills, abilities and fit to the business capability needed.

2.Inequality (≠) Principle: all jobs are not equal; all training dollars are not equal; employees have unequal potential for development.

3.Learning Principle: critical position excellence cannot be achieved without possessing the thinking capacity, being open to learning new things and adapting to new realities.

Pareto Principle: 20% of the total qualities needed in any position make 80% of the difference in gaining a competitive advantage

Identifies these Gaps

  • Business Capabilities: understand the overall deficits in capabilities needed to compete and win in the market.
  • Talent: understand what key positions are missing or substantially undeveloped in the organization.
  • Training: identifies the internal learning management system deficits.
  • Development: provide employees with an action plan of what to learn, experience or acquire.
  • Career: understand if current job structure supports a natural career progression and succession plan.