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Fail small, early, and often… so you don’t fail late, once, and big!

Program Overview

In your organization, is there a “fear of failure” or do individuals “self-report” their mistakes and failures to their peers, subordinates or superiors? Failing Cubed encourages participants (from front-line employees to senior executives) to learn from their past failures and cultivate a more just work culture.

Key Objectives

  • Define what failure is and the different levels of failure in professionalism.
  • Record (and share with the group if comfortable) the failures they have experienced or witnessed in professional life, and what was learned from the failure.
  • Discuss the three rules about how to fail in business (if it is inevitable and you know that it will happen).

Key Concepts

  • The importance of WHEN you fail. Organizational cultures that practice justice and mercy will tolerate small failures (so long as they are not reckless or negligent).
  • We really can’t discovery what is truly good or bad with experiencing failure, either through experience or observation.
  • It is best to “fail small, fail early and fail often rather than to fail big and fail late.”
  • The key is to self-report your failure before it is too late.

Includes the Following

  • Pre-Training Survey
  • Pre-Training Reading
  • Participant Workbook
  • Interactive Polling
  • Remote Participants
  • Video Vignettes
  • Custom Scenarios
  • Post-Training Tools
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