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About Priority Thinking

Welcome to Priority Thinking, a network of leadership coaches based in Rochester, New York. We teach leaders, employees and teams to recognize, learn, practice and keep sound priorities — in other words, to become Priority Thinkers! As a distinguished group of seasoned leadership consultants, we provide exceptional leadership coaching, guiding individuals to unlock their full potential and navigate the complexities of modern leadership. Our commitment extends to organizational development, where we provide the tools and training to evaluate and communicate strategies and foster a culture of accountability and success. Ethics is at the heart of good leadership and we are dedicated to providing comprehensive ethics education, ensuring that our clients lead with integrity.

We leverage the wisdom of some of the greatest leaders in history, as well as our own experiences, to build training programs that are specific to our clients’ needs. Explore the School of Priority Thinking painting to learn about the many leaders we have studied to incorporate their teachings into our training.

Mission & Vision of Priority Thinking

Our goal is to train leaders at all levels the power of the Priority Thinking and Good Will Leader models. Through our interactive training programs, articles, and publications, we teach individuals and organizations how to increase performance, reduce risks and embed ethical power at every level.

History of Priority Thinking

Peter C. DeMarco, our founder and president, first discovered the power of Priority Thinking® in 1993 while working as an operations manager. He was responsible for over 1,000 employees and the daily production of thousands of RayBan sunglasses, addressing the constant tensions of delivering an exceptional quality product and maintaining low costs. Peter soon realized that practicing sound priorities involved more than balancing competing interests and demands — sound priorities are based in our understanding of time and principles.

Over the next seven years, the Priority Thinking® framework grew beyond a set of daily operating priorities to the definition of behavioral and leadership priorities. These new priorities were first tested in a large production facility, then in another, larger production and distribution operation. The model was tested further while Peter navigated another company through a severe crisis as the COO. Applying the Priority Thinking® model not only guided the company successfully through the crisis, but also grew the top-line and bottom-line of the business.

In 2003, Peter left corporate life to found the Institute 4 Priority Thinking, with the purpose of teaching leaders and their organizations how to benefit from the Priority Thinking® model. Many of our clients have become avid practitioners and believers in the principles and power of Priority Thinking® to transform their organizations. These leaders and their employees are extending and applying the model to their own businesses with great success.

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