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The Good Will Leader 360 compares perceptions of a leader’s performance by his or her associates with the leader’s self-evaluation.

What is a GWL360?

Leadership is a communications relationship in which the leader secures the cooperation of followers by demonstrating the quality of inequality.  The extent to which these inequalities are expressed and accepted, because resistance is overcome and receptivity is increased by the followers, determines the extent to which the leader can exercise power through the three primary functions of leadership: (1) Set Aim, (2) Activate Potential, (3) Unify Group.

Survey Process

  • Create Account
  • Discovery
  • Building
  • Launch
  • Reporting
  • Create Account
    • Go to
    • Click Register and submit your information
    • You will be notified when your account is approved
    Creating an account with the Priority Thinking Admin Console will grant you access to our Survey Technology, which will guide you through the steps of creating, launching, and monitoring your own survey.
  • Discovery
    • Populate your survey with information about the subject.
    Screenshot of the Priority Thinking Admin Console Subject Information Page
    Inputting information about the subject of the survey allows of the survey text to be automatically personalized and tailored to any situation.
  • Building
    • Personalize your survey with custom messages or videos.
    • Define custom demographic questions.
    • Upload a Census to allow for automatic mailing to your respondents.
    Screenshot of the Priority Thinking Admin Console Demographics Page
    The Building phase allows you to build your survey in a way that is meaningful to you. Create personalized text or video messages to display in your survey. Create custom demographic questions to slice data into sections that show hidden trends relevant to your needs. Upload a census file to allow for automated notifications and tracking the percentage of expected responses received.
  • Launch
    • Finalize your survey before a member of the Priority Thinking team reviews it.
    • Monitor the results of your survey in real time.
    Screenshot of the Live View of a Survey in the Priority Thinking Admin Console
    The Launch phase allows you to work with a member of the Priority Thinking support team to ensure that your survey is prepared and launched correctly. Once it has launched, you can monitor the completion rate and time remaining in real time
  • Reporting
    • After your survey closes, our Report Generator will automatically create your Report.
    • Reports are available in Printed, PDF, and Dynamic Dashboard formats.
    Screenshot of the Priority Thinking Admin Console Report Page
    Once your survey has closed, our Report Generator will automically create a Report based on your survey results. This report can be made available in Paper or PDF format, as well as a Dynamic Dashboard that lets you explore your results and uncover hidden trends by demographic.

Our Process

Phase 1: Client Set-up Phase 2: Launch Phase 3: Reporting & Follow-up
Discovery & Census Survey Launch Data Extract & Analysis
Leader Preparation & Question Review Leader / Sponsor Updates Report / Dashboard
Communication Plan Participant Reminders Coaching Session
Testing Continual Validation Optional: Team Session

Who is GWL360 For?


Companies looking to evaluate and identify the overall performance, prioritization, strengths, and areas for improvement of Leaders and Executives.


These surveys are typically taken by organizations with at least 30 available respondents.


Using dynamic reporting tools, GWL360 Surveys offer two presentation formats for Leaders to review their survey results: the Survey Report Booklet and the Dynamic Dashboard.

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Survey Types



  • 36 insightful questions relating to the 6 components of the GWL model
  • Customizable demographic questions
  • Automated alerts and reminders for survey respondents
  • Survey analysis report
  • On-demand technical support


  • All Core features, and…
  • 3 Additional questions per GWL component
  • Optional Trust and Priorities modules
  • Expanded survey analysis report with additional insights
Core Extended


  • All Plus features, and…
  • 30-minute introductory webinar for participants
  • Customized modules for your industry or job role
  • Survey analysis with supplemental narratives and article collections

Contact us for bulk pricing (10 or more surveys) at



GWL360 Surveys provide a comprehensive report that includes results for every survey question, expert analyses and recommendations, detailed scores by Ethical Attribute and Dimension, and an overall Ethical Index Score.


GWL360 Surveys provide a web-based tool that allows users to filter aggregate survey data by demographic sub-groups, investigate trends, and examine results by various categories.
Peter Presenting in Conference Room

Leadership Coaching

Receive personalized one-on-one coaching with one of our Executive Coaches to discuss your results and observations, as well as develop an action plan for the future.

Dynamic Dashboard

Upon completion of the GWL360, the leader and executive sponsor(s) gain access to the Dynamic Dashboard application across desktop and mobile environments. The Dynamic Dashboard consolidates survey data from our secure database and provides easy-to-use overviews of GWL360 results. Demographic filters can be used to “slice” results by multiple groups. Executive sponsors can view results of multiple GWL360 assessments conducted on their subordinates.

Comprehensive Reporting

Each leader receives a comprehensive GWL360 report that includes a question-by-question breakdown of the data with full-text verbatim participant comments and careful expert analysis. Performance attribute scores are summarized in aggregate form, and by demographic and/or firmographic slices of interest.

After reviewing the GWL360 Dynamic Dashboard and Report, we encourage leaders to conduct a follow-up interactive polling session with their direct reports, as well as private sessions with other groups. These sessions allow further discussion of the GWL360 results, and provide deeper feedback for the leader to consider in his or her professional development.

Backed by the Admin Console


Our Surveys are administered via our secure survey platform. All surveys, response data, and other sensitive information is protected & secured.


We ensure that every survey response is anonymized and kept confidential, meaning that respondents are safe to offer honest, candid feedback that provides accurate insight.

Backed by Leadership Professionals & Philosophers

Our Survey Models have been developed by Leadership Professionals & Philosophers.

Dedicated Support

Our Priority Thinking Support Team is available at every step of the survey process to offer expert assistance and support.

Time-based Analysis

View & compare survey data across several different surveys, groups, or timeframes.

Comparative Analysis

We are constantly updating our benchmark with new data as we get it, so you will always be comparing your results to the most up-to-date benchmarks and averages possible.

Comparative Analysis

We are constantly updating our benchmark with new data as we get it, so you will always be comparing your results to the most up-to-date benchmarks and averages possible.

Comparative Analysis

We are constantly updating our benchmark with new data as we get it, so you will always be comparing your results to the most up-to-date benchmarks and averages possible.