About EthicsPoll

The EthicsPoll assessment was developed by a team of professionals, practitioners and scholars devoted to the study and practical application of ethics in business. The goal is to provide education, training and practice with models that inform and empower people across an organization, embedding ethical decision-making at every level.

Our diagnostic methodology and ETHICS Improvement Process help leaders build and sustain an ethical climate within their organizations. Utilizing a combination of web-based surveys, embedded polls and audience response technology, we assess and analyze what’s happening in your organization behind the scenes. Whether you’re driving organizational change, seeking customer feedback, screening job applicants or managing enterprise risks, EthicsPoll’s tools can help you gather actionable intelligence to achieve your goals.

What is Ethics?

Frequently, Ethics is associated with the study of right and wrong. While this is true, it is much more than simply right and wrong. The difficulty in Ethics lies in choosing between GOOD things. Is it right to choose the quality of your product over the safety of your employees? Is it right to choose the performance of the employee over their loyalty?

All of those attributes—quality, safety, loyalty, performance—are good things. Yet if they are not prioritized correctly, each can cause severe ethical problems in your organization. EthicsPoll utilizes a unique methodology that approaches ethics as a result of proper prioritizing.

EthicsPoll Survey

The following diagram represents the components of the EthicsPoll Survey. These components target various dimensions of the organization’s ethical climate. We recommend that organizations start with the Core Survey, which is designed to reveal overall goodness gaps within the organization.

Core Survey

The framework for the Core EthicsPoll assessment is based on the Six Ethical Attributes. These Ethical Attribute scores determine your organization’s Ethics Index Score and reveal areas for further investigation. This survey includes a detailed report and data, plus recommendations.

Extended Survey

The Extended Survey analyzes a selected cross section of your organization. Building upon the Core Survey, the Extended Survey features questions of greater depth, with increased survey controls such as repetition and distortion for greater response validity. This survey also includes an extended demographic inventory to provide insight into the ways employees’ backgrounds influence their ethical choices. The Extended Survey also reveals the organization’s Moral Maturity score, or the measure of employees’ capacity to exercise free will and make moral judgments.

EthicsPoll Reporting Tools

Using the Dynamic Dashboard

This video demonstrates how, once an organization has completed the EthicsPoll assessment, the dynamic dashboard application can be used to explore survey data and reach valuable conclusions.

EthicsPoll Report Samples

Dynamic Reporting

A comprehensive analysis of your organization’s performance. Vibrant visualizations provide a meaningful understanding of the data which is bound into powerful reports.

Dynamic Dashboard

Accumulated survey data fuels an interactive platform to analyze survey results. Filter aggregated data by demographic categories and attain viewpoints that pertain to specific needs. Accessible through the web and on mobile platforms, the Dynamic Dashboard promotes data discovery on the go.