Learn to hold people at all levels of your organization accountable for their commitments.

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Audience and Duration

Offered in four, six and eight hour workshops

Frontline employees, supervisors, managers and senior executives

Program Overview

This program explores one of the toughest issues in organizational culture: How to hold your peers, subordinates and leaders accountable for their commitments and responsibilities. Accountability is important at all levels, but ultimately lies with those in charge of setting the mission of the organization.

Many organizations like to assess their existing performance scorecards as part of this training program. Our pre-event survey and interactive polling technology helps leaders understand their existing practices and how these practices can be improved.

Leaders must cultivate a culture of employees naturally accepting responsibility for their actions. In order to do so, we must first understand what information the different business units in your organization are meant to communicate and how it can be done most effectively.

Key Concepts

  • There are three levels of accountability:
    1. To peers
    2. To subordinates
    3. To leaders
  • Accountability is a challenge in many organizations and communication is critical to improving it.
  • Leaders must act as role models in their daily activities.

Key Objectives

  • Define accountability and attitudes toward the concept.
  • Inventory current strengths, weaknesses and areas of concern for accountability in all levels of the organization.
  • Discuss ways that leaders can help improve accountability.
  • Develop an Accountability Action Plan to address areas of concern.

Interactive Items

Pre-Event Survey IconPre-Event Survey to Jumpstart the SessionTraining Workbook IconWorkbook with Articles and ActivitiesPresentation IconMultimedia Presentation with Short Vignettes
Interactive Pollers IconInteractive Polling for EngagementGroup Discussion IconBreakout Group Discussions for Active ParticipationOnline Toolkit IconOnline Toolkit for Continued Development