Crisis Leadership

Learn how to ethically manage and lead your company through a crisis

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Audience and Duration

Offered in two and four hour workshops

Frontline employees, supervisors, managers and senior executives

Program Overview

Every leader will eventually encounter a crisis within their organization. Preparation and poise in the heat of the moment are key to navigating a situation that is guaranteed to be tumultuous and stressful. Learn from an experienced veteran of crisis, Peter DeMarco, as he discusses how to ethically deal with crises.

What is a crisis? Have you ever experienced a crisis in your professional life? The noun crisis comes from the Latinized form of the Greek word krisis, meaning “turning point, a critical moment.” In this program, a Chief Operating Officer guides participants through a true story of leading through a major crisis while acting ethically, maintaining personal integrity and doing the right thing for shareholders AND stakeholders.

Key Concepts

  • Importance of a thorough crisis management plan.
  • The healthiest organizations understand where their weaknesses exist and their impact on the survival of the firm.
  • The best way to prepare for a crisis is to learn how others have handled extreme crises; both effectively and ineffectively.

Key Objectives

  • Introduce leaders to the nature of crisis.
  • Discuss the different types of crises that have occurred in the past within your organization and how the organization has changed as a result.
  • Outline the various ways that leaders should respond to a crisis and how they may prevent future crises from occurring.
  • Walk through of a real crisis and discussion of the impact of the crisis as it affects the employees, the assets of the firm, and relationships with the customers, shareholders, suppliers and distributors.

Interactive Items

Pre-Event Survey IconPre-Event Survey to Jumpstart the SessionTraining Workbook IconWorkbook with Articles and ActivitiesPresentation IconMultimedia Presentation with Short Vignettes
Interactive Pollers IconInteractive Polling for EngagementGroup Discussion IconBreakout Group Discussions for Active ParticipationOnline Toolkit IconOnline Toolkit for Continued Development