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Finding the Ethical Edge

Find the ethical edge and embed ethical power into your organization’s decision-making.

Audience and Duration

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Offered as a four hour workshop

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Frontline employees, supervisors, managers and senior executives

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Program Overview

The Finding the Ethical Edge program is designed to help leaders establish sound ethics as the driving force behind profitable businesses. Utilizing real-world scenarios, this program explores how businesses have reversed disaster by aligning their priorities and focusing on ethics to increase performance, decrease risk and embed ethical power into decision making at all levels of their organization.

Key Concepts

  • THE QUESTION: What is ethics in business and organizational life? Learn what your fellow participants believe ethics is and explore the fundamentals of ethics beyond right and wrong.
  • LANGUAGE: This program provides a new and easily accessible language for making ethics real and effective to your people and their performance.
  • CHOICE: Learn how to encourage, embed, and monitor for the right choices among your employees and leaders.
  • PRIORITIES: A different and more powerful way to think about priorities that ties excellence in human decision making to performance and ethics.
  • PRIORITIZERS: There are four primary types of prioritizers, and each has performance, risk, and ethical implications to you as a professional.

Key Objectives

  • Describe the existing ethical culture within your organization and how it could be improved and leveraged to also improve other aspects of the business.
  • Conduct an open discussion as a disastrous real-world scenario is laid out in order to gauge whether the group can arrive at the correct decisions as it unfolds.
  • Gather feedback on how other employees view the ethical culture of the organization at all levels.

Interactive Items

Pre-Event Survey IconPre-Event Survey to Jumpstart the SessionTraining Workbook IconWorkbook with Articles and ActivitiesPresentation IconMultimedia Presentation with Short Vignettes
Interactive Pollers IconInteractive Polling for EngagementGroup Discussion IconBreakout Group Discussions for Active ParticipationOnline Toolkit IconOnline Toolkit for Continued Development