The Priorities of Getting it Right & Getting Along

Learn to prioritize and optimize performance while maintaining a healthy work environment.

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Audience and Duration

Offered in two, four and six hour workshops

Frontline employees, supervisors, managers and senior executives

Program Overview

If leaders want to get “it” – their choices and actions – right, why do they spend so much time trying to help their employees to get along? This program, our most popular and accessible, explores priorities and the nature of choice between two or more competing goods.

There are four types of Prioritizers, each with a different approach to balancing “Getting it Right” and “Getting Along.”

  • Optimizers get it right AND get along, but prioritize getting it right first.
  • Absolutists get it right at the expense of getting along.
  • Inverters get along at the expense of getting it right.
  • Depleters fail to get it right AND fail to get along.

Optimizers can function anywhere along the Priority Frontier depending on the situation.  Many Absolutists appear as Jugglers in the workplace – trying to get too much done and not finishing everything they set out to do.  Many Inverters appear as Balancers – making tradeoffs among higher and lower priorities, but potentially over-compromising.

Key Concepts

  • Putting the priorities of “getting it right” and “getting along” together is the fundamental skill to be successful in the world today.
  • There are four types of prioritizers… each has performance, risk and ethical implications to you as a professional.
  • Good employees are OPTIMIZERS; they get it right AND get along but when required to choose… they get it right.

Key Objectives

  • Learn what a priority is and explore the four types of prioritizers.
  • Grasp the optimal sequencing of core priorities to enable sustained performance, reduced risk and embed natural ethical power into decision making at every level your organization.
  • Leave with a toolkit designed to enable you and your teams to dive deeper into the four types of prioritizers, understand the situations in which each occurs, and how to address each type of prioritizer in organizational life.

Interactive Items

Pre-Event Survey IconPre-Event Survey to Jumpstart the SessionTraining Workbook IconWorkbook with Articles and ActivitiesPresentation IconMultimedia Presentation with Short Vignettes
Interactive Pollers IconInteractive Polling for EngagementGroup Discussion IconBreakout Group Discussions for Active ParticipationOnline Toolkit IconOnline Toolkit for Continued Development