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Getting Organized

Conquer your feelings of being overwhelmed with a well-laid-out plan.

Program Overview

Many people often feel overwhelmed by all that they have to do in their professional and personal lives. The ability to self-organize commitments and tasks is critical for success. By beginning and ending each day with a plan, professionals can achieve order in their lives.

Key Concepts

Feeling overwhelmed is best addressed through two overarching, related principles:

  • Order captures time
  • …and disorder wastes time.

Professionals can follow four key steps to better organize their day:

  1. Identify the “whats” (keep a list)
  2. Specify the “hows”
  3. Order your “whens”
  4. Remind yourself why

Key Deliverables

  1. Share the challenges and successes that each participant experiences in organizing their day.
  2. Review the four key steps for getting organized.
  3. Discuss various tools that professionals can use to organize themselves.
  4. Leave with a better understanding of how to organize one’s day, and the importance of achieving order in work and life.

Includes the Following

  • Pre-Training Survey
  • Pre-Training Reading
  • Participant Workbook
  • Interactive Polling
  • Remote Participants
  • Video Vignettes
  • Custom Scenarios
  • Post-Training Tools

About the Instructor

Peter DeMarco Author Portrait

Peter DeMarco is the founder of Priority Thinking®, where he supports his clients as an executive coach, organizational consultant, ethics facilitator and strategy adviser, helping leaders and their teams achieve significant performance improvements while reducing risks and embedding ethical power into decision making at all levels. Peter also facilitates leadership and ethics education programs for organizations and business schools around the country.

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