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Masters of Competition Leadership Program

Learn how to apply wisdom of the ancients to modern day business scenarios.

Program Overview

The generals of ancient Greece personified many of the leadership qualities today’s top businesses seek in their executives; truly, they were “Masters of Competition.”

Study of Greek classics used to be a standard component of nearly every university curriculum. In today’s fast-paced business environment, it is difficult for executives to carve out the time to study the classics. Our Masters of Competition program provides today’s busy executive with the opportunity to get a jump start on the subject, and expand their imagination through the study of history.

Plutarch is the author of the famous Parallel Lives, recounting the character and deeds of dozens of ancient Greek & Roman soldiers, orators, and statesmen. These biographies have had a profound influence on leaders and scholars for hundreds of years, and serves as the base text for our exploration of some of history’s greatest leaders.

Meet the Masters

Playing the Long Game

Strategic thinking in the heat of battle.

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How to Make Lightning Strike

Decisive action in the face of risk.

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Crisis Leadership

Perseverance and calm when disaster strikes.

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Fall of an Empire: Fate or Fortune?

Wisdom and virtue as key qualities.

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One Day Course Overview

The one-day seminar teaches participants how to stimulate self-reflexive deliberation on grand strategy at the leadership level. Grand strategy is a neglected way of thinking, but it is crucial for leaders who want to master the competition.

Eight case studies, “The Eight Essentials of Estimative Intelligence,” train participants to think with foresight, preparation, crisis leadership skills, and an ability to learn from history.

By strategically assessing situations from the standpoint of grand strategy, participants will be able to envision and multiply the possibilities for leading their teams to an optimal outcome.

Two Day Course Overview

The two-day workshop follows the same plan as the one-day. However, it adds nine more hours of discussion about two key themes in Plutarch: “The Mutability of Fortune” and “Character is Destiny.”

Wealth, prosperity, conflict, victory, and a lasting legacy — what would wisdom about such things be? Wars, expeditions, the rise and fall of empires — why are these grand events from the fourth and fifth centuries (BCE) still relevant today? What lessons from the past are applicable to today’s competitive business environment?

This second day is also available as a follow-up to the one-day workshop, and does not have to be offered on the very next day.

Interactive Items

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