Performance Measures

Learn to measure your organization’s performance properly.

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Audience and Duration

Offered in four, six and eight hour workshops

Frontline employees, supervisors, managers and senior executives

Program Overview

A performance measure is the level of intensity or quantity (intensive quantity) observed by a particular attribute or quality of a thing whose nature you are trying to understand or change. The most effective way to hold team members accountable is to require the communication of performance measures. First, the leader must understand what measures he or she must be tracking for each individual and team, and to what benchmarks those measures should be compared in order to define success.

Having a good understanding of historical data and a target of the performance you would like to achieve in the future enables you to develop accountability around what is expected of your team and each of your team members on a day-to-day basis.

Key Concepts

Well constructed performance measures…

  • Reveal the nature of the thing (all things have natures; in other words, measures describe the part-whole relationships that exist within a thing and what makes that thing tick).
  • Communicate information about the thing being measured.
  • Have varying levels of intensity.
  • Describe with reasonable accuracy, reliability and confidence what is being measured.
  • Contain meaning.

Key Objectives

  • Define performance measures.
  • Help leaders develop three fundamental dimensions to improve their judgement through use of performance measures.
  • Identify the specific performance measures that are critical at the organization.
  • Create a framework and plan for communicating performance measures across the organization to key stakeholders.

Interactive Items

Pre-Event Survey IconPre-Event Survey to Jumpstart the SessionTraining Workbook IconWorkbook with Articles and ActivitiesPresentation IconMultimedia Presentation with Short Vignettes
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