Prioritizing for Performance

Sound priorities help sustain performance, reduce risk, and embed ethical power at all levels of decision making.

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Offered in two, four and six hour workshops

Frontline employees, supervisors, managers and senior executives

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Program Overview

Learn the professional definitions of “priority” and “choice” along with practical tips on how to better prioritize tasks throughout your workday in order to operate at peak efficiency and effectiveness.

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Key Concepts

  • Professional definitions of good, priority, and choice.
  • The nature of a priority and its role in bringing order when you have limited time.
  • Three kinds of priorities; tactical, strategic, and core.
  • Identifying the four kinds of prioritizers, and which one you should strive to be to get the most out of your time.

Key Objectives

  • Learn what a priority is and explore the four types of prioritizers.
  • Thought-provoking interactive polling questions to get you thinking about how you and the leaders at your organization tend to prioritize tasks.
  • Leave with a toolkit designed to help you prioritize tasks throughout your day.

There are four types of Prioritizers, each with a different approach to balancing “Getting it Right” and “Getting Along.”

This article explores each form of prioritizing, presents the most common scenarios, and provides leaders with a framework to improve their priority choices.


Peter DeMarco responds to a reader’s inquiry with a set of four questions that leaders should ask themselves to help prioritize their personal and professional lives.


Interactive Items

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Interactive Pollers IconInteractive Polling for Engagement Group Discussion IconBreakout Group Discussions for Active Participation Online Toolkit IconOnline Toolkit for Continued Development
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