Problem Solving Leadership Development Program Logo

Problem Solving Leadership Development Program Logo

Don’t just put out fires as they happen – find long-term solutions.

Program Overview

Most teams solve problems by merely putting out the fire. This course helps organizations and teams to define and implement a rigorous process for defining the precise problem,  identifying alternatives for resolution, and selecting the most effective long-term solution.

Key Concepts

The key steps in problem solving:

  1. Problem Definition
  2. Research Methods
  3. Investigation (Root Cause)
  4. Developing Options/Alternatives
  5. Risk Identification and Abatement
  6. Priority Recognition and Implementation
  7. Monitoring and Validation

Key Deliverables

  1. A clear process for problem resolution.
  2. An introduction to each key problem solving method (e.g., force field analysis, fishbone, etc..).
  3. Basic tools for employing these methods.
  4. An overview of the elements of an effective monitoring & validation program to ensure problem solutions that stick.

Includes the Following

  • Pre-Training Survey
  • Pre-Training Reading
  • Participant Workbook
  • Interactive Polling
  • Remote Participants
  • Video Vignettes
  • Custom Scenarios
  • Post-Training Tools

About the Instructor

Peter DeMarco Author Portrait

Peter DeMarco is the founder of Priority Thinking®, where he supports his clients as an executive coach, organizational consultant, ethics facilitator and strategy adviser, helping leaders and their teams achieve significant performance improvements while reducing risks and embedding ethical power into decision making at all levels. Peter also facilitates leadership and ethics education programs for organizations and business schools around the country.

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