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Program Overview

In his book, Good to Great, author Jim Collins claims that great leaders possess the qualities of a hedgehog. This course introduces leaders to the error of Collins’ advice and why leaders also need the qualities of the fox, not just the hedgehog.

Audience & Duration

The concepts and deliverables from this program are intended for frontline employees, supervisors, managers, and senior executives. This program is offered in 2 and 4 hour modules.

Key Objectives

Participants are introduced to four key ideas to consider when thinking about ethics and a framework for assessing if a good choice is being made by a leader or professional.

They will develop an understanding of how action is the object of choice, not an end result or material thing.

Participants are also introduced to techniques for tuning the soul of a leader to handle the stresses of the role, while still making excellent choices.

Key Learning Concepts

There are four ideas to think about concerning ethics:
1. Ethics begins with free choice.
2. Ethical decisions often involve some difficulty.
3. Many free choices in which we seek to do the good are accompanied by some danger, pain or harm.
4. There is a direct link between the exercise of free choice and the character of a leader.

Greatness is built on goodness rather than in opposition to it.

Course Materials

Pre-Training Survey Pre-Training Reading Participant Workbook Interactive Polling
Remote Participants Video Vignettes Custom Scenarios Post-Training Tools